What your project team isn’t telling you?

From Timothy Johnson’s Article
Your project team isn’t telling you everything. For example, did you know that they made a decision to eliminate quality testing on the project’s most critical component to meet the arbitrary deadline set by your executive so she could get her quarterly bonus? Did you know that the technology lead has been floating his resume around for the past three months? Did you know that the project controller has been “playing with the numbers” to make people happy, and you only think that this project is 82 percent complete? (It’s actually more like 27 percent, but who’s counting?)
Don’t get me wrong. Project teams generally are not constructed of underhanded, lying, conniving individuals. Actually, most of the teams I’ve worked with are staffed with hard-working, diligent individuals who want what is best for the company. But if they’re so great, why aren’t they telling you what you really need to know? Here are some possible explanations:
They’re not telling you because THEY don’t know themselves. Often, managers are so eager for the “real work” to begin that adequate planning is short-changed in the interest of tangible progress. Allowing time to plan, sequence and estimate tasks is a critical investment. Then there is a documented road map for determining if the team is staying on track.
Good One….

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