Step-by-Step Beginners Guide to Project Management

Projects must; actively involve all the group members, have excellent communication and access to project information, have a shared desired outcome, have specific dates for completion of tasks, and have all the required tools (when needed) in order to finish.
If there is no enthusiasm in the group, your project is dead or doomed to be incredibly dull and tedious.
Author also discusses about 16 steps to a Finished project.
1. Determine the objective and specific desired outcome. Write it down.
2. Identify and organize the people who might be interested or are required in order to bring the project to completion. Ask them to participate, and comment on their level of enthusiasm or belief that the project can or will be successful.
3. Identify a project leader and coordinator, this should be accepted by all involved in the project. No consensus, keep trying.
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  1. Thanks for another great link. I check your blog often for PM stuff and usually find solid, useful information. Great blog – keep it up!

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