Beyond Traditional SMART Goals

I was searching for some good resources on Goal setting and found this interesting article…
Goal setting is the foundation for personal and business success. It is time, however, in the business environment existing today, to expand the meaning of SMART goals. And, perhaps, one word per letter is no longer enough to define a useful acronym.
SMART Acronym Newly Defined for Goal Setting….
  • I’ll start with S. In addition to specific, don’t stretching, systematic, synergistic, significant and shifting round out the picture?
  • M means measurable, but I also recommend meaningful, memorable, motivating and even, magical.
  • A is an achievable goal but A also needs to stand for action plans, accountability, acumen and agreed-upon.
  • R means relevant, but it also stands for realistic, reasonable, resonating, results-oriented, rewarding, responsible, reliable, rooted in facts and remarkable.
  • T means time-based and it also represents timely, tangible and thoughtful.

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