IBATIS – Data Mapper

I was searching for some Data Mapper link and found this one http://davidhayden.com/blog/dave/archive/2004/07/03/347.aspx (about a product called IBATIS.NET – Data Mapper)
“iBATIS.NET helps you create better persistence layers for .NET applications. The DataMapper framework streamlines ADO.NET code. The DataAccess framework encapsulates implementation detail. The frameworks can be used together or separately.”
Check it out here
I went thru the documentation of IBATIS and found this interesting explanation
OR/M is a good thing when you
1. Have complete control over your database implementation
2. Do not have a Database Administrator or SQL guru on the team
3. Need to model the problem domain outside the database as an object graph.
Likewise, the best time to use a Data Mapper, like iBATIS, is when:
1. You do not have complete control over the database implementation, or want to continue to access a legacy database as it is being refactored.
2. You have database administrators or SQL gurus on the team.
3. The database is being used to model the problem domain, and the application’s primary role is to help the client use the database model.

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