Offshore Agile Maintenance

I was reading about AGILE XP Conference 2006 in a Yahoo Group and found this link. He was explaining about explain how he has addressed the issues with Agile offshore maintenance and turned a failing project into a success story.
Predominantly the Agile literature covers applying the values and practices to a green field project using a co located team. However, offshore/distributed development is the reality of the software industry. Offshore organizations have started with maintenance of non critical business applications and moved over to green field development of business critical applications in a distributed fashion. Maintaining and enhancing business critical applications is the key to an organization‘s success.

The existing literature states the following as challenges with distributed/offshore team:
1. Decrease in communication bandwidth
2. Lack of visibility into project status
3. Configuration management
4. Art of Command and Control structure
5. Cultural difference

The root causes according to me are the following:
1. Lack of trust
2. Loss of context, both business and technical
3. Offshore team/s not getting equal stakeholder status
4. Abstraction of business and technical problems and decision


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